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Founded in 1976, Markotec (Great John Machinery) keeps focusing on manufacturing labeling machinery and automation. We start from early day expiration date and ingredient marking demand of food business, then to self-adhesive and roll-fed labeling demand of pharmarceutical, cosmetics, beverage and other consumable business.  

承蒙食品、飲料、製藥、化妝品、化工、文具、電子 、電腦、物流...等業界厚愛,本公司由艱困創業到具備國際競爭力,感謝業界的激勵與支持。


  • 1976 The company founded in Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

  • 1977~1979 Various coding machines launched for compatible with packaging machine.

  • 1980~1990 Various tabletop coding machines launched.

  • 1991 LM-230 self-adhesive labeling applicator launched.

  • 1996 ISO-9002 certificated.

  • 1998 Japan Roll-Fed labeler maker official technology transfer.

  • 1998 New factory site at Yangmei Town, Taoyuan County.

  • 2000 IT/Electronics industry specialized labeling solutions invented.

  • 2005 Cosmetics industry specialized labeling solutions invented.

  • 2006 All new design generation Roll-Fed labelers.

  • 2011 High speed and economic type Roll-Fed labelers invented.

  • 2013 Rotary Self-adhesive Labelers for multi-labels invented.

  • 2014 Rotary Roll-Fed Labeler for both round and square bottles invented.

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